Welcome writers!

The New York Writers Roundtable started on the idea that while writing is most typically a solitary endeavor, getting your work read doesn’t have to be.

Our workshops consist of small group sessions centered around exchanging and critiquing early to final drafts of written work. This format allows for intimate and detailed exchange of feedback and discussion among members. It also ensures that all our authors will have an opportunity to have their work read and discussed. We are open to all writers interested in workshopping manuscript drafts, networking with other writers, or simply improving their craft.


Next Critique Group Starts Feb. 16 

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Workshops are comprised of 8-week sessions. All members will have the opportunity to submit at least two manuscripts throughout each session.


We welcome all writers to join our roundtable sessions; however, we do ask that all potential members fill out our short, one-time questionnaire. 


While there are tons of writing groups in NYC, this group offers an affordable option where members commit to meeting weekly in 8-week sessions.